Stuffed Mexican Meatballs: Albóndigas Rellenas en Salsa

Closeup of stuffed Mexican meatball.

A classic ”stuffing” for Mexican albóndigas is a portion of a hard-boiled egg, with the stuffed meatballs then served in a rich and sometimes spicy red sauce (or salsa). Often Mexican albondigas are served as a soup (Caldo de Albondigas), but this stuffed albóndigas dish is another common way to serve these delicious Mexican meatballs.…

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Mexican Ensalada de Atun (Mexican tuna salad)

Bowl of Mexican Ensalada de Atun.

This easy Summer recipe is perfect for lunch or a light dinner when you want something quick, inexpensive and nutritious. Ensalada de Atun is a common occurance on the Mexican table, but the purists tell you it must be eaten with saltines (and I tend to agree)! What Makes this Tuna Salad a Mexican Dish?…

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