Hi there! In 2014 I had a lot of success with weight loss by following the rules and ideas laid out in Tim Ferriss’s book ”Four Hour Body” (aka the slow carb diet). I was inspired by how easy it was for me to lose the 30 pounds extra weight I was carrying, but I was more inspired by how sustainable I found the diet.

I went on to become an online diet and health coach for slow carb, low carb and keto lifestyles and was able to help many people over the 5 years I coached. During that time I found that one of the biggest hangups people had with eating well was that they were either too busy to cook, or didn’t really know how to cook low carb meals with flavor.

Since my favorite cuisine is Mexican, I ended up modifying a lot of Mexican recipes for clients to be slow carb compliant without a loss of flavor. Many of those recipes live at my main website (farmtojar.com), but since that site is so broad, I thought I would start another site that is focused on taking classic Mexican dishes and modifying them to low carb and slow carb recipes.

Although I am no longer coaching, I have sustained the weight loss through eating ”mostly” low carb. This site is an attempt to share these recipes with you. These recipes are not necessarily low in calories, but they are two things: tasty and healthy. Most are low carb, with those that include beans being slow carb.

I hope you enjoy. The site is new…..let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see.